Account stuck in CWP with a PHP process.

  • Hello!

    I have a problem at CWP that I don't have at CPanel and I came to ask if you know what it could be.

    The fact is that we have a process that consumes quite a lot of resources, it is a "powerful" process, so I have the following problems in CWP that I don't have in CPanel and I would like to solve them.

    1º When I execute the process, CPanel shows the "echo" that is in the file as they are executed. In CWP we only have a blank page until the whole process is finished and all the "echoes" are shown at once. Do you know what I can do?

    2º While this process is running, all access to the web of that account is blocked and you can not access it until the process is finished, however in CPanel, we can continue working on the platform without problems. What could I do?

    Greetings from a fan of @Sandeep!

  • @josepp hello
    1-2 points seems related, can you provide some more information where you're executing the file i.e. via ssh and if ssh how cwp/cpanel will show the outputs ?

  • @sandeep We use a php script, it is a system created by a programmer. It uploads an excel file and updates databases both locally and on external servers.

    Can you give me a hint of where to investigate?


  • @josepp well you need to pass the script to bash/sh and add echo tail in log and add refresh meta to show the log viewer i.e. update the log according to your time defined in meta.

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