• Hello guys,

    Very recently noticed the following errors in mariaDb mysql logs.


    The only thing I've noticed is CWP has updated again on its own which is worrying as the changelogs still arent updated. CWPpro version:

    I am not entirely happy purchasing CWP PRO that is auto updated and changelogs arent kept up to date. Surely this is very risky for end user production.

    Probably completely unrelated but the update of CWP seems to have a bug as it used to prompt on dashboard that new version is available as opposed to auto installing...twice.


  • Fixed this issue with another one of Sandeep useful guides, thanks!


    Although the CWP auto update bug is still a big issue.

  • Weird, the SQL errors are back after a restart.

    Have followed Sandeep's guide above fully.


    Hopefully some of you guys have an idea?


  • hi try to run this command and select y when promted

    sh /scripts/mysql_pwd_reset

  • Morning Sandeep,

    Did try that before.

    Has the following error


    Just for transparency I'm using build MySQL version: 10.4.14-MariaDB which I upgraded to months ago using your guide which has been perfectly fine and never had the "Access denied for user root @ localhost error logged.

    I upgraded MySQL as your default build on CWP doesnt support Magento as very old. I'm now stuck again with magento support as CWP doesnt support elasticsearch either for Magento 2 but thats another story and not related to the issue at hand.

    Maybe something in CWPpro version: has changed as I can revert my server snapshot to build and I no longer have that error logged, also still using build 10.4.14-MariaDB?


  • I now remember why I had to revert snapshot as that command breaks Mysql 10.4.14-MariaDB and service wont start now. sh /scripts/mysql_pwd_reset

    have the following error


  • After trying to restart the mysql service I clicked the report error button and got this message which looked promising.error3.png

    However, I'm now completely kicked out of CWP panel after refreshing page and its completely unusable with this error.


  • Definately something in CWP CWPpro version: breaks Mysql 10.4.14-MariaDB

    Restored my snapshot back to CWPpro version: and errors are gone

    Here is Mysql 10.4.14-MariaDB log at CWPpro version:

    As soon as I upgrade to CWPpro version:

    Error is back straight away.


  • @Galactus i think mysql user table got messed up or not imported to 10.4 correctly. Do you've backups of the DB ?

  • @sandeep

    Hello Sandeep,

    I didnt have a backup as to be honest, not live yet, I've given myself a month to ensure everything is secured, logs are clean and everything is as up to date a possible such as apache, curl, mariadb etc.

    Hopefully those will be included in the CWP install script as well as a few bugs here and there which i've noted.

    I've rebuilt from scratch straight to CWPpro version: and upgraded to Mysql 10.4.14-MariaDB.

    This time no errors at all....YAY!

    So quite possibly as you suggested a user table got corrupted at some point giving the "Access denied for user root@localhost.

    What was odd however it the error wasn't there on CWPpro version: with 10.4.14-MariaDB as logs show above.

    Anyway, thanks for your time.

    Happy its working !

  • Oh..and I will keep backups now, even though testing 😊

  • @Galactus said in MySQL Error in logfile.:

    Oh..and I will keep backups now, even though testing 😊

    yes always do backups.

  • Hello Sandeep

    Just applied CWPpro version: right now,

    errors back again in Mysql 10.4.14-MariaDB


    This is exactly like before.

  • I have restarted server and it has gone away, will keep an eye on it

  • try to upgrade dbs :

    mysql_upgrade --force

  • Have the same error and new errors now everytime CWP autoupdates on its own.

    Changelog is never updated which is concerning using this live for production.

    Almost every company with update solutions let you know what they're installing on your server except CWP, really need to be transparent to earn any trust for what is potentially a great product once all the bugs are ironed out and the CWP packages updated for mostly security concerns. I.E. Curl and OpenSSL are extremely old builds as is base build MariaDB which isnt even supported with Magento for example.


  • devs fixed some issues with mariadb 10.4 kindly try to reinstall cwp and check this time.

  • Sure, will do. Will feedback any further issues.

  • Sandeep, just a quick question although not related to this thread before I reinstall. My VPS uses IPV4 by default, IPV6 is disabled but I can enable it.

    Reason I'm asking is I'm getting this logged in BIND DNS on every restart, even on clean build.

    Is this related to IPV6 needing to be enabled on CentOS 7 before CWP install or unrelated?


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