CWP & Backup with Rclone Options

  • Hello, CWP lacks, in my opinion, easy way to backup to a remote location.

    In my mind, backing up would be via FTP/SFTP, or mounting a remote/cloud drive.

    Would it be possible to consider integrating Rclone into the CWP panel, as an addon where there are options to backup into various locations, like WebDav, Google Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, either by mounting the Cloud drive, or FTP/SFTP transfer?



  • you can easily do it by your own via cron job
    install rclone >> configure gdrive etc >> copy local backup from /backup to rclone.

    you need to check rclone documentation, currently there is no plan to add rclone on cwp.

  • @Arti7 If you do that, I'll be glad if you share how you did it. I also have to send my backups to google drive automatically.

  • @bmask did you tried it :

    to install rclone in centos :

    yum install rclone

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