• Hi,
    I have a device that records a camera and automatically sends it to the server.
    This device does not have any problem with ftp username and password that I created in cyberpanel.
    For example, ftp username in cyberpanel is like this: admin_user1
    I deleted cyberpanel on the server and installed cwp. Ftp username on cwp as follows: user1@testsite.com
    As in this example, the camera recording system does not work with the user name. How can I create the ftp username created on the cwp as user1@testsite.com only as "user1"?

    I hope I was able to explain my problem, I apologize for my English.

  • use main user account login
    eg if you created a user account and named that as admin in cwp, use that username and password which you defined for that user to login into ftp.

  • So what do I do when I need more than one ftp user?
    I examined the cyberpanel. I do not have much knowledge and experience in these matters. I think pureftpd is associated with mysql on cyberpanel. There is a database called pureftpd in mysql and it stores ftp users in a table called user in this database. Wouldn't it be possible to apply the same to cwp?

  • hmm its not possible in cwp to create different user id format ftp, you can use other ftp solution like vsftpd and create ftp user manually.

  • @sandeep I have to overcome this problem, but I don't know exactly how. I sent an e-mail to the camera system manufacturer, I said that you need to update the software to support @ domain.com for ftp settings, maybe this will solve the problem, thanks

  • great to know that you've contacted them.

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