MySQL 8 not working with CWP Pro.

  • Hii,
    After creating a new centos 7 server, I installed mysql 8 and it worked correctly. Then I stored the credentials in /root/.my.cnf as it checks here in its installation script.
    Then I installed mysql 8. But i had some trouble in it.
    In mysql version it shows "Linux" instead of its version. In mysql manager it stops showing all databases in admin panel. When i create a new user in admin, it creates its account but it doesnt create mysql user for it. Thats why when I login to user panel, I wasnt able to create database for user. I loved mysql 8 and found it better in performance in one of my lengthy order reports than mariadb 10.5. I have a paid cwppro bought 3 days ago only. Its a request to make a tutorial on Mysql8 if you can.

  • Hi CWP doesn't support mysql 8.0 yet, will check more and let you know further.

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