• @Sandeep, we have an important need. We need a form of autologin in roundcube, as CPanel has, for support level is very important, because many customers request access to their account and it is necessary to not be asking for the customer's password, which in the end is worse to have to request the password.

    Do you think you could do that? I'm willing to receive a quote to create such a feature, I've indicated this to the CWP team on several occasions, but they've never responded to my request for a quote.


  • does the mail explorer doesn't works for you ?

  • Hello!

    You know I didn't know that tool? Haha. Anyway it's very complicated, it takes a while to load and strange beads appear hahaha

    The right thing to do would be to have an "autologin" button or something similar next to the email accounts.

    Would that be possible?


  • Currently it is not possible,probably in future

  • @sandeep Wouldn't it be possible to do it under budget request either?

    Thank you very much!

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