• Hi,

    I want backup my whole vps and re-install centos7 because the centos6 seem outdated now. Is it the snapshot from provider good to work with? I'm not do it before so I'm afraid I will need re-install everything from scratch :(.

    Thank you for your support.

  • hi,
    you can buy a same config vps and migrate data there (if you're using CWP there use cwp-cwp migration). If you don't want to change ip and stuff you can remigrate it from new to old server after removing centos 6 and installing centos 7.

    I didn't rely on snapshots 🙂 as it may contain old OS

  • @sandeep how are you? If I understand it well, I still need another vps for backup data and then migration it again, is it right? Are there any way not require vps and create a backup file then download the backup file and install centos 7 then install the backup file again?

    P/S: I don't use CWP so it's out of my opinion.

  • in your case you need to take all mysql db backup and download your website files/script locally on your pc. Its not complicated things

    but i didn't recommend you to use snapshot restore when you're upgrading from old os to new major versions.

  • Thank you so much, I will try to do it in the test server first then I will go with other vps later.

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